This service allows you to register and track past Hotline Calls and continue calling. It also provides "Q&As" based on Hotlines Calls of yours and other customers.

Register New Calls
  • This service will help you search published Q&As and past calls for similar cases of yours to resolve your issues.
  • If you do not find solutions, you can register a hotline call.
  • Calls are transmitted in a Secure Environment.
Track Hotline call events
  • This service lists all calls logged with your accounts.
  • You can track how far handling of your calls is going and check whether they lead to product fixes or enhancements.
  • The "Details" window shows call events and downloadable attachments.
Self Help using "Q&As"
  • You can search for and browse frequently asked questions and helpful tips in the form of Q&A.
  • "Q&As" are updated on an as needed basis.


This service provides useful technical information on each product, a list of new features for each release/revision of the product and defect fixes, and release notes.

Information on releases/revisions of products you are using
  • Products and their latest and past releases/revisions set for your account are listed.
Information focusing on each product
  • The top page of each product gives you information focusing on its releases/revisions now in use, where you can see details of respective releases/revisions.
  • The [Software Status List] page is provided to track defect fixes and enhancements for each product.
System requirements and supported OS of Zuken products
  • This service includes system requirements of our products and a list of supported OSs, hardware, and license programs.


This service offers you downloadable product program files, patches, and license files.

Customization for releases/revisions in use
  • Downloads of products and their latest and past releases/revisions set for your account are listed.
Latest software and patch programs available
  • Various kinds of files including latest software and licenses are available for download.
  • The latest patch programs are provided promptly.


This service provides update history on this support site.

News covering updates on this entire site, products, and downloads
  • A list of news on this entire support site
  • A list of Product news
  • A list of Download news

Knowledge Base

This service allows you to search the collection of information retrieved from each service for what you want to know.

Knowledgebase search of all the support site contents
  • Keyword search in English. Search by specifying natural texts (Japanese Only)
  • You can filter your search by Search Target, Product and Release/Revision, Date range, and Language in [Specify Search Criteria].


This service grants administrators permission to view and request for changing user information, check licensed products, and manage their accounts.

Account Management fit for your support site uses
  • Addition or settings of accounts can be tailored to your uses.
  • Refer to [ User accounts ] for example uses of accounts.


Multiple language selections
  • You can switch the language for menus and contents by clicking the [Languages] link at the top right corner of the window.
    *If you select a language ​​other than English/Japanese/Chinese, only menus will be displayed in the specified language and each content will be in English.
  • Japanese contents are specialized for Japanese customers while English contents are for World wide customers. Therefore some contents are different between Japanese and English.
About security
  • Worldwide standard SSL server certificate (RSA 2048bit) is adopted as security of this site. Secure data transmission can be offered by up to 256 bit cipher strength SSL encrypted communication.